Ninja Dictionary

This is a Pitching Ninja (twitter @pitchingninja aka Rob Friedman) fan page. Below you can find definitions of some of the terms coined by the Ninja. See something I missed or got wrong? Hit me at @notrealcertain.

Insta-K Strut

A pitcher walking directly off the field, perhaps before their strike 3 pitch is even called, in a perhaps subtly cocky way.


A curveball at 69 mph. Umpire likely to agree that it was nice. May have originated in one of the many deleted accounts of @KingofJUCO.

Painting with Fire

Pitches at the corners near 100 mph.

Pitching With Emotion

Pitching Ninja thinks pitchers are awesome and that they shouldn’t be afraid to show when they agree that they are awesome.

Soul Stealing

A pitch that fools a batter so badly it appears that they are significantly diminished as a human being, perhaps spiritually.


When a batter “chops” at a pitch, typically a checked swing. Inspired by Benchwarmers.

Some great swords:

White Castle Special

Three nasty sliders. If you’ve been there, you know. This is one of Ninja’s favorites, yet if you google it, you get legit White Castle stuff. Some examples:

(sorry to remind everyone of those awful 2019 Player’s Weekend unis)


A close ball that is called a strike, especially for strike 3.

Some people don’t get it

Jiffy Lube Special

Three change ups. Get it?