Links to interviews and articles that have quoted me.

Tom Rocks Maths episode

Foolish Baseball video on Sweepers

PitchCon Appearance in 2021

Effectively Wild podcast

Tigers SRD Podcast

This is a nice article on a Detroit Tigers blog.

Appearance on the Driveline R&D Podcast, 1/11/2021

Presentation for the Pocket Radar boot at ABCA, 1/9/2021

Appearance on Pitching Ninja’s Youtube Channel

Baseball Prospectus article on SSW pitches in MLB for 2020.

A small bit in a Pitching Ninja video in 2020 about the now famous Kratz knuckleball (at 10:10)

Athletic article on my work with Jared Hughes

Eureka Alert November 24, 2019

Driveline Baseball Podcast episode 17. 

The Doug McIntyre Show from Los Angeles, 11/28/2018 article