Questions I Want to Answer Post #12

Some of these may not mean a lot to lay persons. I’m putting this here so I can keep my eye on the ball and in case anyone like-minded wanders by. As these questions are answered, I’ll change them to italics and link the answer to the Yes or No.

  1. What effects baseball drag?
    1. Seam height
    2. Center of gravity
    3. Roundness
    4. Leather
  2. Can a spinning baseball have an asymmetric transition to turbulent flow resulting in an asymmetric wake and a sideways force on the ball unrelated to the Magnus effect (i.e. the laminar express)?
  3. Or can the seams on the rear of a 2-seam fastball pin the locations of wake formation and make an asymmetric wake?
  4. For a 4-seam fastball with a horizontal spin axis, where does the flow transition from laminar to turbulent flow and how is that location impacted by passing seams.
  5. For a 4-seam fastball with a horizontal spin axis, does the location where the pressure gradient changes from favorable to unfavorable depend on spin rate?
  6. What does the “hiss” of a baseball tell us?
  7. If a knuckleball could be thrown with no spin, will it start spinning as it travels?

And, the grand question posed by Rob Friedman (@pitchingninja), If God is really all powerful, could he throw a slider so filthy that he couldn’t hit it?

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